Today's Daily Bread

Passage: Jeremiah 40:1~16
Keyverse: 6

Jeremiah had been persecuted and imprisoned for prophesying God’s judgment on Judah by the hand of the Babylonians. Ironically, after the destruction of Jerusalem, he is shown kindness by the Babylonian commander of the guard. Nebuzaradan was aware of Jeremiah’s prophesies and respected him as the servant of Israel’s God. He freed Jeremiah to live wherever he wanted, whether in Babylon or in Israel (1-4).

Jeremiah chose to stay in Judah with Gedaliah, the governor who was appointed by the king of Babylon. Other prophets were chosen to serve God’s exiled people in Babylon, but Jeremiah felt called to serve those who were left behind, though they were among the poorest people. They were precious because they were God’s remnant in the promised land. Their lives had been spared from judgment, and the Lord was ready to bless them again, as he showed by granting them an abundant harvest (12).

Before long, there were rumors of a plot against Gedaliah’s life. Gedaliah chose not to pay attention to these but to focus on serving the people (16). To serve and build up even a small number of people is a blessed life, no matter what happened.

Prayer : Father, thank you for blessing those who are spared from judgment. Help me be ready to serve you wherever you send me.

One Word : Serve God’s remnant.

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