Today's Daily Bread

Passage: Proverbs 11:16~31
Keyverse: 25

Have you ever felt offended by another's careless words or actions and one thing led to another and a lot more damage occurred than ever imagined? You are not alone. We all make mistakes and have hurt others and have been hurt.

What if we believed that the offender was actually trying their very best, made an honest mistake, or were misunderstood? Trust is made stronger when we are generous rather than quick to condemn and point out faults. Being generous doesn't mean being a pushover, but it is being curious before accusing. It is responding with care rather than reacting. Even if people did wrong, a little generosity can leave open the possibility for restoration and reconciliation.

Jesus generously healed ten lepers, even though only one came back to thank him. Jesus fed, healed, and taught many regardless of whether they chose to follow him. Jesus invested in 12 disciples even though they would all abandon him in his most vulnerable moment. God gives generously and indiscriminately to all who seek him.

Prayer : Lord, help me to be generous in my relationship with others. Help me not to be quick to judge or condemn.

One Word : Be generous

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