Today's Daily Bread

Passage: Acts 20:1~12
Keyverse: 10

1. Strengthening the churches (1-6)

Paul's time in Ephesus came to an end. Now he traveled through the places he had been in Macedonia, Greece and Troas. He went there to encourage the disciples. There were still many Jews who plotted against him, but there were also many growing leaders who could provide the needed word of God for the encouragement of the churches.

2. The meeting in Troas (7-12)

In Troas Paul had only one day. A large crowd gathered at the church, and Paul shared in their worship service, speaking for a long time-past midnight. One young man named Eutychus was listening from a window, grew sleepy and fell three stories. They picked him up dead, but Paul embraced the young man and said, "He's alive!" The word of God has power to encourage and give life.

Prayer : Prayer: Lord, thank you for your life giving words. Use our ministry to encourage and give life.

One Word : The word of God gives life

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