Today's Daily Bread

Passage: Mark 15:16~32
Keyverse: 26

1. Jesus mocked by soldiers (16-20)

The soldiers dressed him in kingly robes, brutalized him, and paid him mock homage. There are those today who respect no one and who mock truth and sincerity. They abuse the God of glory. Jesus' suffering fulfills Isaiah 53:4-5. He bore my sins. By his wounds I am healed.

2. The crucifixion (21-32)

Simon of Cyrene carried Jesus' heavy cross. Jesus was stripped and humiliated by the guards, who gambled for his garments. He was crucified among criminals. The passersby mocked and taunted him to "come down and save yourself." But Jesus came to save the world, not himself. He bore all our sins to death. He bore the judgment of God on sin. This is the Messiah; this is the king.

Prayer : Prayer: Lord, thank you for saving me from sin through the suffering of Christ. Help me to know the depths of your holy love.

One Word : Jesus loves me, this I know

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