Today's Daily Bread

Passage: Isaiah 66:1~24
Keyverse: 19b

The Creator God is too great to be contained in a man-made temple. Superficial worship offered in one's own way and sin are offensive to him. God will bring his judgment on them. God wants us to have humble and contrite hearts that tremble at his word. When we listen carefully to every word God has spoken and obey it, we may be hated, mocked, and excluded by people. But God will vindicate us, comfort us as a mother comforts her child, and give us peace like a gentle river.

God doesn't want his people to compromise with the ungodly, following their corrupted ways of life. He will come with fire to execute his judgment on all people. On that day, God will gather his remnants from all nations and languages and reveal his glory to all mankind by his acts of judgment on evil and by his saving grace and unfailing love. The remnant of God's people, who see his glory and taste his forgiveness, will be sent out to the nations as witnesses of his gospel. They will call the Gentile world to an obedience that comes from faith. Those who are redeemed by the grace of Jesus also receive the privilege of priestly duty (Ro 15:16) with glorious hope in the kingdom of God.

Prayer : Lord, cultivate me so I may be humble and contrite in spirit. Please help me to hold your great vision for world redemption in my heart and live as one of your holy people who proclaim your glory among the nations.

One Word : Proclaim God's glory to all nations

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