Today's Daily Bread

Passage: Psalm 37:1~22
Keyverse: 4

1. Do not fret-trust in the LORD (1-9)

There are those who are evil in this world. God's people should not fret, because he is living. We must trust in the LORD and live before him. He is our source of delight and joy in this world. When we fret because of the schemes of the wicked, we lose sight of God and are tempted to turn to evil. When we wait patiently and trust in the LORD, we are made righteous and have eternal hope in the LORD.

2. The LORD upholds the righteous (10-22)

Wicked men scheme to crush the poor and needy, plot against the righteous, and amass worldly wealth. The LORD laughs at them. He is the judge, and they are like flowers that are here one day, then consumed and up in smoke. The Lord blesses those who live upright lives and depend on him in their weakness. He upholds the righteous and blesses them with a godly inheritance.

Prayer : LORD, help me not to fret at the wicked and evil in this world. Help me to be upright and entrust my whole life to you.

One Word : Take delight in the LORD

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