Today's Daily Bread

Passage: 1Chronicles 9:1~44
Keyverse: 2

1. Resettling in Jerusalem (1-2)

The people of Judah were taken captive to Babylon due to their unfaithfulness to God (1). After 70 years there, God moved Cyrus the Persian to allow Israelites to return to Jerusalem (Ezra 1). Some stayed in Babylon since relocating and rebuilding was hard. Many who resettled in Jerusalem were priests and Levites who loved God and their nation (2).

2. Restoring the temple (3-44)

Gatekeepers were important to fend off enemies (17-22). Some Levites guarded and stayed at the house of God, denying the comfort of their own home (23-27). Other Levites took charge of the temple articles or ingredients used in worship, the offering bread, or worship music (28-33). Serving God requires dedication. Saul's line is repeated to introduce Ch.10.

Prayer : Lord, help me to dedicate myself to you.

One Word : Devoted and dedicated to serve God

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