Today's Daily Bread

Passage: Micah 5:1~15
Keyverse: 4a

1. A ruler will come from Bethlehem (1-9).

While he disciplines his people by a siege, God promises to send a ruler from Bethlehem, the line of David. Yet his origins are from ancient times. This promise was fulfilled by Jesus' coming (Mt 2:6). He comes to be a shepherd. His greatness will reach the ends of the earth. His flock will live securely, because he is our peace and our deliverer. God's people would live as a scattered remnant. Though captives, because of God's promise they were like dew and a lion among the people - triumphant, like Daniel.

2. "I will destroy your idols" (10-15).

Why did Northern Israel go into captivity to Assyria, and why would Judah go to Babylon (4:10)? God declares that he will destroy all the things they trusted in, leading them away from him: strongholds, witchcraft, idols and cities. A shepherd disciplines in order to heal and save.

Prayer : Prayer: Father, thank you for sending Jesus, our shepherd. Remove the idols of my heart that I may follow him.

One Word : Jesus is my shepherd

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