Today's Daily Bread

Passage: 2Timothy 4:1~22
Keyverse: 2

Paul realized that his ministry and life were coming to an end. He could look back and rejoice that he had obeyed the Lord's calling in his life. He could also look forward to the reward that was waiting for him in heaven. The time had come for Timothy to assume the leadership of the ministry. With this in mind, Paul gave him a final and sincere charge: "Preach the word." The gravity of this charge can't be missed. It was made in the presence of God and Christ Jesus to whom we will all give an account of our lives. It was made considering our Lord's return and the coming of his kingdom. Preaching the word is an awesome responsibility for Timothy and for us. Timothy was to be prepared to preach the word in good times and bad. He was to teach it with patience and care, applying it to the lives of the people he ministered to. Although many would reject the message, he was to be a faithful minister and evangelist to the end.

Paul longed to see Timothy one last time, so he urged him to come quickly. Paul was lonely and cold. Many had deserted him while others had left for the mission field. The Lord was faithful to him, though, and stood by his side so he could proclaim the gospel at his first defense. Whatever happened, Paul had faith that the Lord would rescue him and bring him safely to his kingdom.

Prayer : Lord, help us to be faithful to the end.

One Word : Preach the word in all seasons

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