Today's Daily Bread

Passage: 2Corinthians 6:1~13
Keyverse: 3

Because salvation is available to all people today in the gospel, Paul and his fellow gospel workers made up their minds not to put a "stumbling block" in anyone's way. Practically, it means they decided to keep their lives pure, to speak only the truth, and to endure every type of hardship with patience, so that everyone could see that their ministry was genuine. They suffered much to live this way. But even though they seemed poor and downtrodden, they were spiritually rich and victorious conquerors. This is what spiritual greatness looks like.

Paul's life of serving also showed the sincerity of his heart and the genuineness of his love for the people he served. It pained Paul greatly to see people in the churches get caught up in bitter disputing and judging. It showed that their hearts were still narrow and petty. He urged them to consider his example and love each other with wide-open hearts.

Prayer : Father, thank you for calling me as your servant. Give me a clear attitude to serve patiently with love and win the spiritual victory.

One Word : As servants of God we have everything

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