Today's Daily Bread

Passage: Psalm 86:1~17
Keyverse: 15

In this prayer, David pours out his heart to God, intermingling praise, expressions of spiritual desire, and pleas for help. David can do this because he knows God as his personal God who cares for him, and he has a clear identity as God's servant (2, 16). Though his emotions are like a storm inside him, he keeps returning to God as his anchor. He knows God is forgiving, good, and abounding in love (3). He asks to be made more like God, with an undivided heart (11). This prayer is an example of how we can come to God as we are even when we feel very weak and unstable.

When we are troubled, we should remember all of God's good attributes revealed in his word: his powerful saving love toward us in Jesus (13), his compassion and grace, and his faithfulness (15). Then we can praise God unconditionally for who he is, gaining a higher point of view over our problems. Relying on God's character, we can have courage to ask God directly to grant us mercy (16) and display his goodness visibly (17).

Prayer : Father, you are my God and I know all of your goodness in Jesus. Help me make it through times of crisis by remembering your goodness and bringing you all my requests.

One Word : Great is God's love toward me

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