COVID-19 Updates

Announcement about Sunday Worship Service
1. There will be no Sunday Worship Service until situation gets better. We will instead worship together through livestream. Please join beginning at 11:00 AM by visiting this website.
2. There will be a separate email to address CBF and JBF/HBF ministries, and regarding offerings
3. Please practice social distancing for Bible studies at Bible Center with less than 10 members, or choose to join through google hangout or another video conferencing app.
4. Please think about what God is doing through this plague and pray and read the Bible more during this time.

*Pray for personal repentance and God’s mercy
*Pray for world mission and Bible America
*Pray for the help of the Holy Spirit, for God's peace and Jesus' grace to cover us at this time.
*Pray for the well being of the chapter members spiritually, emotionally and physicall

Thank you.

LA UBF Church
How to use streaming service
Go LA UBF Website -> Worship -> Live Stream, and click Live Stream

Corona 19 Virus Response Information page
Novel Coronavirus in Los Angeles County  
( # of cases and death ) Map Click

What You Should Know

Instructions for People Who Have or Who May Have COVID-19

Google Coronavirus tips    DO THE FIVE

LA Public Health Twitter

The importance of social distancing

Social Distancing


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