Your God Will Be My God

Your God Will Be My God

Ruth 1:1-22

Key verse: 1:16

“But Ruth replied, "Don't try to make me leave you and go back. Where you go I'll go. Where you stay I'll stay. Your people will be my people. Your God will be my God.”

Read 1-5.  Who was Naomi?  Why did her family move to Moab?  What happened to her husband and sons there?  

Read 6-14.  Why did Naomi leave for Judah?  Who went with her?  Why did she tell her daughters-in-law to go back to Moab?  Why might have it been hard for them to leave her?  Who left?  Who stayed?  

Read 15-18.  How did Naomi try to make Ruth go back?  How did Ruth answer her?  What can we learn about the reasons Ruth decided to stay with Naomi?  What shows that Ruth was firm about her decision?  

Read 19-22.  How had Naomi’s life changed since she was last home?  What did she think was the cause of her suffering?  Looking again at verse 16, in what way was Ruth a source of hope for Naomi?

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