A God Who Forgives�

A God Who Forgives

Nehemiah 9:15-21

Key verse: 9:17b

“But you are a God who forgives.  You are gracious.  You are tender and kind.  You are slow to get angry.  You are full of love.  So you didn’t desert them.”

Read verse 15.  How did God take care of his people’s needs?  What promise did he give to them?

Read verses 16-17.  Why did the people become proud and stubborn and refuse to obey God?  What did they want to do?  How did God treat them when they disobeyed?  Why is it important to remember God’s love and grace?

Read verses 18-21.  How else did the people disobey God?  How did they dishonor God?  Why didn’t God leave them in the desert?  How did God keep helping them to obey?  What can we learn from God who doesn’t desert us when we disobey him?          

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