Admitting Sins and Worshiping the Lord�

Admitting Sins and Worshiping the Lord

Nehemiah 9:1-4

Key verse: 9:2

“The people of Israel separated themselves from everyone else.  They stood and admitted they had sinned.  They also admitted that their people before them had done evil things.”

Read verses 1-2.  When did the people gather together again?  How did they prepare themselves for this day?  How was their attitude different from when they gathered together the first time and celebrated the feast of booths (8:9-12)?  Why do you think they separated themselves from everyone else (“…from all foreigners”—NIV)?  

Read verse 2 again.  Why was it necessary to admit (“confess”—NIV) their sins?  Why did they also admit the sins of their people before them?  

Read verse 3.  How much time did they spend listening to the Law of the Lord?  How does listening to God’s word help us to admit our sins?  How much time did they spend admitting their sins?  What can we learn about the problem of sin?  What else did the people do?  Why is it necessary to admit our sins in order to worship the Lord?                

Read verse 4.  What did the Levites do?  Why is it important to pray for the sin problem of others?

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