The Lord Wanted the People to Obey

Nehemiah 8:13-18

Key verse: 8:14

The Lord had given the Law through Moses. He wanted the people of Israel to obey it. It is written there that they were supposed to live in booths during the Feast of Booths. That Feast was celebrated in the seventh month.

  1. Read verses 13-15. Why did the family leaders and the priests gather around Ezra? What was attitude toward the words of the Law? Why did the Lord give Israel his word? Why did the Lord command the people to celebrate the Feast of Booths?

Lev 23:41-43: " 'Celebrate my Feast of Booths for seven days each year. That is a law that will last for all time to come. Celebrate the feast in the seventh month. 42 Live in booths for seven days. All of the people of Israel must live in booths. 43 Then your children after you will know that I made the people of Israel live in booths. I made them do it after I brought them out of Egypt. I am the Lord your God.' "

  1. Read verses 16-17. How did the people celebrate the Feast of Booths? Who celebrated it? Why was their joy very great? What can we learn about obeying the Lord’s commands in the Bible?

  2. Read verse 18. What did Ezra do during the feast? Why is it important to read God’s words daily? How do you think God’s words helped the people to celebrate the feast in the right way?

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