Remember Everything I’ve Done for These People

Nehemiah 5:1-19

Key verse 5:19

“You are my God. Please remember me. Show me your favor. Keep in mind everything I've done for these people.”

  1. Read verses 14-16. How long was Nehemiah governor of Judah? What had the governors before him done? How did Nehemiah show respect for God (14, 15b-16)? How did Nehemiah spend his time as governor? What can we learn about how Nehemiah was able to sacrifice his rights and privileges?

  2. Read verses 17-18. How many people ate at Nehemiah’s table? How much food did it take to feed them? Why did Nehemiah serve the people so generously?

  3. Read verse 19. What did Nehemiah ask God to remember? What favor might have he been seeking from God? How do you think he was able to do so much for others?

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