“Don’t be Afraid of Your Enemies”

Nehemiah 4:7-23

Key verse 4:14

I looked things over. Then I stood up and spoke to the nobles, the officials and the rest of the people. I said, "Don't be afraid of your enemies. Remember the Lord. He is great and powerful. So fight for your brothers and sisters. Fight for your sons and daughters. Fight for your wives and homes."

  1. Read verses 7-9. How did Sanballat and Tobiah respond when they heard that the gaps in the wall were being filled in? What two things did the Nehemiah and people of Jerusalem do? What can we learn about the way to fight against evil?

  2. Read verses 10-14. What negative or unbelieving words came from: A) The people of Judah; B) Their enemies; C) The people who lived near their enemies? What did Nehemiah do? What did he say to the people? What can we learn about the way to fight against negative or unbelieving words?

  3. Read verses 15-23. What did the people do after God blocked the evil plans of their enemies? What wisdom or strategies did Nehemiah use in continuing to fight the Lords’ battle? What can we learn about the ways to do our work and still fight the spiritual battle?

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