Let’s Rebuild the Wall

Let’s Rebuild the Wall

Nehemiah 2:11-20

Key verses 2:17

Read 11-16.  What did Nehemiah do his third night in Jerusalem?  What had happened to the walls and the city gates?  Why might have Nehemiah wanted to see these things for himself?  Why do you think he waited until night to check them out (16)?

Read 17-18.  Why did Nehemiah want to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem?  What shows that          God also wanted Nehemiah to rebuild the wall?  How did the people respond to Nehemiah’s plan?


 Read 19-20.  What did Sanballat and Geshem do when the heard about what the people were planning to do?  Why do you think they asked them, “Are you turning against the king?”  How did Nehemiah answer this?  Why was it important for the people to believe that they were serving God and that God would give them success?  Why didn’t Sanballat or Gershem have any claim to Jerusalem or right to worship in the city?                

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