God Helped Nehemiah

Nehemiah 2:1-10

Key 2:8b

“The gracious hand of my God helped me. So the king gave me what I asked for.”

  1. Read 1-3. What did the king notice about Nehemiah? Why was Nehemiah afraid? Yet what did he say? How could Nehemiah overcome his fear (1John 4:18)?

  2. Read 4-6. What did the king ask? What did Nehemiah do before answering? What did he ask the king to do for him? Why might have the king been pleased to send Nehemiah?

  3. Read 7-8. What else did Nehemiah ask for? What was Nehemiah planning to do? What does it mean that the gracious hand of God helped Nehemiah? Why might have God been pleased with him?

  4. Read 9-10. How did God continue to help Nehemiah? What shows that further dangers were lying ahead of him?

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