Nehemiah Prayed to the God of Heaven

Nehemiah 1:1-11

Key Verse 1:4

“Please pay careful attention to my prayer. See how your people are suffering. Please listen to me. I'm praying to you day and night. I'm praying for the people of Israel.”

  1. Read verse 1. Who was Nehemiah? Where was he staying? What was his job (11b)?

  2. Read 2-3. Who came to Nehemiah from Judah? What did Nehemiah ask about? What was happening to the people in Judah? What practical problem did the city of Jerusalem have?

  3. Read verse 4. What did Nehemiah do when he heard about the problems of his people? What can we learn about him?

  4. Read 5-11. How did Nehemiah begin his prayer (5)? How did he bring to God the problems of his people (6a)? What did he admit (6b-7)? What did he ask God to remember (8-10)? What practical think did he ask of God (11)? What can we learn from Nehemiah’s prayer?

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