Peter Disowns Jesus

Matthew 26:69-75

Key verse 26:75

Then Peter remembered what Jesus had said. "The rooster will crow," Jesus had told him. "Before it does, you will say three times that you don't know me." Peter went outside. He broke down and sobbed.

 Read verses 69-70.  Who did the female servant (servant girl) say to Jesus?  How did Jesus answer her?  Why did Peter pretend that he didn’t know what she was talking about?  What does this show about Peter?  

 Read verses 71-72.  Why might have Peter gone out of the courtyards?  What did another woman say?  How was this accusation different from the first?  What was different about the way Peter answered this time?

 Read verses 73-73.  How was the third accusation different still?  How did Jesus respond this time?  What happened after he finished speaking?  What did Peter remember?  What did he do?  What do you think he learned from this experience?


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