My Blood of the New Covenant���

My Blood of the New Covenant

Matthew 26:14-30

Key verse 26:28

This is my blood of the new covenant. It is poured out to forgive the sins of many.

Read verses 14-16.  Who went to the chief priests?  What did he plan to do?  What did the chief priests promise to give him?

Read verses 17-19.  What is the Passover (Exodus 12:1-13)?  How did Jesus instruct his disciples to prepare the Passover?  

3.  Read verses 20-25.  What did Jesus tell his disciples while they were eating?  How did they respond?   How did Jesus view being handed over to his enemies (24)?  What did Judas ask?  How did Jesus answer him?  

4.  Read verses 26-30.  What did Jesus do with the bread?  What did he say?  What did he do with the wine?  What did he say?  What did it mean to eat the bread and drink the wine?  What does this tell us about the reason Jesus must be handed over to his enemies?

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