The Ten Bridesmaids

The Ten Bridesmaids

Matthew 25:1-13

Key verse 25:1

“Here is what the kingdom of heaven will be like at that time. Ten bridesmaids took their lamps and went out to meet the groom.”

Read verses 1-5.  What did Jesus say the kingdom of heaven will be like when he comes again?  Why will it be like bridesmaids meeting their groom?  How many bridesmaids were foolish and how many wise?  What did the foolish ones forget to brinng?  What might oil stand for?  What happened when the groom was a long time coming?  

Read verses 6-9.  When did the groom finally come?  What did the foolish bridesmaids say to the wise ones?  How did the wise bridesmaids answer?

3.  Read verses 10-13.  Where did the foolish bridesmaids go?  What happened when they were gone?  What happened to the wise bridesmaids?  What happened to the foolish ones?  How did the groom answer when they wanted to come in?  What can we learn about them here?  What warning does Jesus give to us through this parable?            

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