This Good News of the Kingdom

Matthew 24:1-14

Key verse 24:14

“This good news of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world”

 Read verses 1-2.  What did Jesus’ disciples call Jesus’ attention to?  Why?  What can we learn about them?  What did Jesus tell them?  How was Jesus’ view of the world different from that of his disciples?

 Read verses 3-8.  What did Jesus’ disciples ask him privately?  What warnings did Jesus give them?  What kinds of things must happen?  What does it mean that these are the beginning of birth pains?

 Read verses 9-14.  What will happen to Jesus’ disciples?  Why would people hate them?  What must they do to be saved?  What does it mean to stand firm?  Why must the good news of the kingdom be preached to the whole world before the end comes?  What does this say about our mission?  

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