Jesus is Buried

Jesus is Buried

Matthew 27:57-66

Key verse 27:57

As evening approached, a rich man came from the town of Arimathea.  His name was Joseph.  He had become a follower of Jesus.

Read 57-60.  Who was Joseph of Arimathea?  What did he ask Pilate?  What did he do with Jesus’ body?  What can we learn from him as a follower of Jesus?  

Read verse 61.  Who was sitting across from the tomb.  What can we learn from these woman as followers of Jesus?  

Read 62-66.  Why did the chief priests and Pharisees ask Pilate to secure Jesus’ tomb?  What did they do to make the tomb secure?  How were the chief priest and Pharisees different from Joseph and the women?  


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