Jesus Nailed to a Cross

Jesus Nailed to a Cross

Read verses 32-34.  Why might have the soldiers forced a man from Cyrene to carry Jesus’ cross?  What was the place called where they planed to nail Jesus to the cross?  Why might have Jesus refused to drink what the soldiers offered him?  

Read verses 35-37.  What did the soldiers do after nailing Jesus to the cross?  What can we learn about mankind from the way they treated Jesus?  What charge was written and placed above his head?  Why was this charge considered a crime?  In what way was it true?

3.  Read verses 38-44.  Whom was Jesus crucified with?  What did those passing by shout?  What did the chief priests and teachers of the law say about Jesus?  Why couldn’t Jesus come down from the cross or save himself?  Who else made fun of Jesus?  What can we learn about he work of the Son of God?              

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