Are You The King of The Jews���

Are You The King of The Jews?

Matthew 27:11-26

Key verse 27:11

Jesus was standing in front of the governor.  The governor asked him, "Are you the king of the Jews?"  "Yes. It is just as you say," Jesus replied.

Read 11-14.  What did the governor, Pilate ask Jesus?  How did Jesus answer him?  What does it mean to you that Jesus is king of the Jews?  Why didn’t Jesus answer the other charges against him (Isa 53:6-8)?  

Read  15-23.  How did Pilate try to release Jesus?  Why (18)?  How did his wife warn him?  Whom did the people choose to release?  Why (20)?  What did they say to do with Jesus?  What can we learn about the people?  About Jesus?  

3.  Read 24-26.  What did Pilate attempt to deal with his guilt for handing Jesus over?  How did the people try to deal with their guilt?  Who did Pilate let free?  What did he do with Jesus?  What does it mean to you that innocent Jesus was handed over to be nailed to a cross?                         

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