The Price Set for Him

The Price Set for Him  

Matthew 27:1-10

Key verse 27:9-10

Then the words spoken by Jeremiah the prophet came true. He had said, "They took the 30 silver coins. That price was set for him by the people of Israel. 10 They used the coins to buy a potter's field, just as the Lord commanded me."

Read verses 1-2.  What did the chief priests and elders decide?  What did they do with Jesus next?  

Read verses 3-4.  What did Judas do when he saw that Jesus had been sentenced to die?  What sin did Judas confess?  How did the religious leaders answer Judas?  What does this show about them?  

3.  Read verses 5-10.  What did Judas do with the money—the price paid for Jesus?  Why did he hang himself?  Why did the religious leaders use the money to buy a field?  What would the field be used for?  How did this fulfill prophesy?          

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