Invite Anyone You Can Find�

Invite Anyone You Can Find

Matthew 22:1-14 (NIRV)

Key verse 22:8-9

“Then the king said to his servants, ‘The wedding dinner is ready. But those I invited were not fit to come. Go to the street corners. Invite to the dinner anyone you can find.’”

Read verses 1-5.  Why is the kingdom of heaven described as being like a wedding dinner?  Who do the king, the son and the servants represent?  How did the king prepare for the wedding dinner?  What job did he give to the servants?  Why did those invited to the wedding dinner refuse to come?  What excuses did some of them make?  What did the rest do?

Read verses 7-10  What did the king do to those who refused his invitation and killed his servants?  What was the kings new plan or strategy for inviting guests?  What was the result?  What kind of people were there?  What can we learn about God’s way of invitation?  

3.  Read verse 11-14.  What might the wedding clothes represent?  What happened to the man who was not wearing wedding clothes?  What does his destiny represent?     


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