Workers in the Vineyard

Workers in the Vineyard

Matthew 20:1-16

Key verse 20:7b

“He said to them, ‘You also go work in my vineyard.’”

Read verses 1-2.  Who does the landowner represent in Jesus’ parable?  Whom do the workers represent?  What did the landowner agree to pay them?

Read verses 3-7.  How many more times and at what times did the landowner go out to the market place?  What did he find others doing each time?  Why were they doing nothing?  What did he ask them to do?  What did he agree to pay these workers?  What can we learn about the landowner?  

Read verses 8-12.  What pay did those hired in the eleventh hour receive?  What did those hired first expect?  What were they paid?  What complaint did they make to the landowner?

Read verses 13-16.  How did the landowner answer the workers complaint?  In what ways was the landowner fair in paying those hired first a denarius?  What can we learn about his right as the landowner?  What can we learn about his character?  What was the real problem of the workers hired first?  

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