Clean and Unclean��

Clean and Unclean

Matthew 15:1-20

Key verse 15:18

“But the things that come out of the mouth come from the heart, and these make a man 'unclean.'”

Read verses 1-6.  Look up the word tradition.  What does it mean?  The religious leaders and elders of Jesus’ day had lots of traditions.  What tradition did they accuse Jesus’ disciples of breaking?  What problem did Jesus find with their traditions?  What example did he give? 

Read verses 7-9.  Look up the word hypocrites.  What does it mean?  In what ways were the religious leaders hypocrites (8-9)?  How can we keep ourselves from becoming hypocrites?    

Read verses 10-14.  What did Jesus say makes a man unclean?  Why do you think the religious leaders were offended by Jesus’ words?  What did Jesus say about them?  How is Jesus different?  

4.  Read verses 15-20.  How did Jesus explain the parable?  Why do the things that come out of the mouth make a man unclean?  What kinds of things come out of man’s heart?  What can we learn about the natural condition of man’s heart?                  

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