Daniel Decided�

Daniel Decided

Daniel 1:1-21

Key verse 1:8a

“Daniel decided not to make himself "unclean" by eating the king's food and drinking his wine.”

Read 1-2.  What happened to the city of Jerusalem?  What did Nebuchadnezzar do with some of the articles of God’s temple?  What can we learn about the kingdom of Babylonia?   

Read 3-7.  What kind of men was Nebuchadnezzar looking for to serve in his palace?  What was Ashpenaz supposed to teach them?  How were they provided for?  Who were the ones from Judah?  

Read 8-16.  What did Daniel decide?  Why was the official afraid to give him what he asked?  What deal did Daniel make with the official?  How did God help Daniel keep his decision?  

4.  Read 17-21.  How did God bless Daniel and his four friends?  What was the result of their training?  How did God continue to give them success?  Looking back at verse 8a, why do you think Daniel’s decision was important?           

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