GENESIS 32:1-33:11


** THE GOD OF MAHANAIM (32:1-21)

How did God reveal his protecting presence to Jacob as he neared his home country (1,2)? What should this mean to him?


What was the problem on his mind as he drew nearer home? How did he make initial contact with Esau? Why was he so worried? What reveals his anxiety?

How did Esau respond? How did Jacob interpret his messenger's report about Esau? How had his wealth and even his family become a burden? How did he calculate about and prepare for Esau's coming? What can we learn from this? 

What did Jacob do then (9-11)? What was his one main prayer request (11)? How did he address God? Of what did he remind God (9)? What did he remember about God's grace in his life (10)? On what promise of God did he base his prayer? What does this show about his faith? 

After prayer, what was his new direction? What instructions did he give his servants (16-20)? What was the purpose of this series of gifts (20)? What does this reveal about Jacob? 

** THE GOD OF PENIEL (22-31)

Where did Jacob spend the night (21a)? What did he get up in the middle of the night to do? Why did he want to remain alone (21-24a)?

Who was the man who wrestled with him until daybreak (24,28,30)? What is the significance of this wrestling match?

How was Jacob injured? Who seems to have won the wrestling match (25,26,28)? What did Jacob ask the Lord to do? What blessing do you think Jacob wanted?

What blessing and new name did the Lord give Jacob? How does this new name suggest a new life? What was Jacob's response (28-29)? Why did Jacob want to know the man's name? 

What did Jacob name that place?  Why? What permanent reminder of this event did Jacob receive? What did he learn? 


How did Jacob arrange his family for the meeting with Esau? Why? 

Describe the meeting.  In what respect was this meeting an anti-climax? How had God answered Jacob's prayer? Why did Jacob say that seeing Esau's face was like "seeing the face of God"? 

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