GENESIS 29:1-30:24

KEY VERSE 29:35a

** JACOB MARRIES (29:1-30)

Describe Jacob's meeting with Rachel. What does this event reveal about Jacob? 

What were the wages he asked of Laban when he agreed to work for him? How did he carry out his part of the bargain? What does this tell us about his character? 

How did Laban trick Jacob on his wedding night? What excuse did he make? What did Jacob do about it? How did his refusal to give up Rachel, and his love for her affect his life and his family? 

** RACHEL AND LEAH (29:31-30:24)

Describe the struggle between Leah and Rachel.  What did each one want that the other had? 

Why and how did God bless Leah? What did she name her first three sons?  What does each name reveal about her inner misery and her deep desire?

What was her 4th son's name, and what did this name mean? What change does this name reflect in Leah's thinking and life? 

In the meantime, what was Rachel's problem? Why and how did Jacob rebuke her? What does this show about her? (30:1,2) 

What did Rachel do to solve her problem? What do the names of the sons born by her maidservant show about her human struggle with her sister? 

What did Leah name the two sons born to her by her maidservant?  What do these names show about her human struggle with her sister? How did she come to have two more sons? Read verses 14-15.

What were their names?

In what way had her desires changed? 

How was she honored?

When Rachel finally had a son, what did she name him? What does this show about her? When did she have another son? What was the consequence? (35:16-18)  Her death as she delivered him.  She named him "Ben-Oni" which means "Son of my trouble."  She died still thinking about herself and very fatalistic.


What can you learn from the human and spiritual struggle of Leah and Rachel? How did God use these struggles to accomplish his own purpose? Describe the atmosphere in Jacob's home.

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