GENESIS 27:1-28:22

KEY VERSE 28:20-22


1. Why did Isaac think that he would die soon? (His death is recorded in 35:28,29) What did he want to do before he died? How did he iinstruct Esau to receive his blessing? 

2. What was Rebekah's counter-plan? Why did she believe about Isaac's blessing? 

3. How did Jacob respond? Of what was he afraid? How did Rebekah push him? What did she risk? Why did she think this was so important (13-17)? What were the good and bad things Jacob learned from her? 

4. How did Jacob take advantage of his father's blindness and deceive him? What was the blessings Isaac gave Jacob (18-29)? Was this the covenant blessing? 

5. When Esau came in and identified himself, what did Isaac tell him? What did Esau say about Jacob? Was this correct? When he pled with his father, what blessing did Isaac give? Why did his blessing anger him? What did he resolve to do (32-41)? 

Why did Rebekah decide to send Jacob away? How id she suffer for what she had done? How did God use her actions in accomplishing his will?

** THE GOD OF BETHEL (28:1-15)

What instructions did Isaac give Jacob? What blessing did he give him? Where did he send him? What does this reveal about Isaac? How did Esau interpret his father's actions? What does this show about him?

How might Jacob have felt his first night away from home (1-10)? Describe what he saw in his dream. How did the Lord identify himself? What did he promise Jacob? What part of the original Abrahamic covenant and what part was especially for Jacob at this time?

** JACOB'S VOW (28:16-22)

The dream was so vivid that Jacob woke up.  What was his reaction to what he had seen and heard? What did he do the next morning? How does this show his sense of history? 

Describe Jacob's vow.  What does it show about his anxieties? Why didn't he mention the covenant promises? What did he decide to give God? On what condition? Why does he suddenly change to the second person ("you") in verse 22? What does this suggest about him? Why was this vow important in Jacob's life?



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