1. Read chapter 23.  What can you learn about Abraham's life in the promised land? (cf. Acts 7:5) How were the realities different from the promises he believed? What can you learn about his faith?


2. As this chapter opens, what is the situation of Abraham and his family? What problem was on his mind? What mission did Abraham give his chief servant? What shows that this was an important mission? 

3. Why do you think Abraham didn't want Isaac to marry a Canaanite? Why did he want the servant to find a wife for Isaac from among his relatives? 

4. What problem in carrying out his mission did the servant immediately foresee? What compromise did Abraham forbid him to make?  Why? What did Abraham promise his servant that would make the mission possible? How did the servant indicate his acceptance of the mission? 

5. What preparatios did he make? When he arrived in the town of Nahor, where did he go to begin looking, and what did he do first? What can we learn from him? 

6. Look at his prayer (12-14).  How did he address God? What does this tell about the kind of woman he was seeking for Isaac? 

7. When the beautiful girl he spoke acted according to the conditions of his prayer, what did the servant do? How did he make sure that this was the girl that he had chosen? What did he do as soon as he realized that God had led him to the right girl (22-27)? What can we learn from him?

8. How did he respond to the gracious hospitality which Rebekah's family extended to him? What was his main point in the long account he gave them of how he met Rebekah? Why does he include so many details? What was his conclusion? 

9. How did Rebekah's father and brother respond (50,51)? What did the servant do (52-54)? Why did he not stay a few days and enjoy a well-deserved vacation? When did he consider his mission completed? What can we learn from him about how to carry out God's mission? 


10. What kind of girl was Rebekah? What was her decision? How was her faith like Abraham's? What broader meaning did Rebekah's famiily see in this marriage (60)? 



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