GENESIS 14:1-24

KEY VERSE 14:19,20


1. Who was Kedorlaomer and what was his position in the political structure of the region? Where was his kingdom? Who were his allies? Why did he go to war?

2. How extensive was Kedorlaomer's campaign as described in verses 5-7?

3. Who were the kings allied with Bera king of Sodom? Where did the big battle between 4 kings and 5 kings take place? Who won? What was the result to the defeated cities? 

**  ABRAM'S WAR (13-16)

4. How did Abram get involved in this war? Why do you think he went to rescue Lot? What does this teach about him? What can we learn from him?

5. Look at a map and try to find the extent of this war.  Who were Abram's allies? Describe Abram's military campaign.  What does this reveal about Abram? What does this reveal about Abram?

6. What was the outcome of the war? How might Abram's involvement in this conflict have changed his relationship with the Canaanites? What temptation might his great victory present to him? 

**  ABRAM MEETS 2 KINGS (17-24)

7. Who were the two kings that came to meet Abram after he returned from defeating Kedorlaomer? How were they different? In what respect do they represent the two alternative life directions before Abram? 

8. How is Melchizedek described? What did he bring? What is the significance of this? 

9. How did he bless Abram? What did he teach Abram about God? About his recent victory? Why was this important for Abram at this time?


10. How did Abram respond to Melchizedek's blessing? What does this mean?

11. What did the king of Sodom suggest about the disposition of the spoils of the war? Why?


12. What reason did Abram give for refusing to keep any of the material goods of Sodom for himself? What does this reveal about his faith?



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