Why did Joseph send 10 of his sons to Egypt (1-5)? How urgent was their problem in Canaan? Why did he not send Benjamin? 

Describe the initial meeting of Joseph with his brothers. What does this show about his faith?

 Why did he accuse them of being spies? What information about themselves and their family did they divulge (6-13)? How did he propose to test them? 

When the brothers talked among themselves, what did they reveal about their burden of guilt (21-23)? How did their confession affect Joseph? What shows that he was not acting according to his feelings? 

What additional anxiety did Joseph give his brothers? Why? When they discovered money in one grain sack, what was their reaction? Why weren't they happy to get their money back? 

What report did they give their father? What was their reaction when they discovered the rest of their money in the sacks? What reveals the sorrow and fatalism in Jacob's heart? 

** JUDAH'S CHANGE (43-44)

Why did Judah refuse to go back to Egypt for food, even though the family was running out of grain because of the famine? When and how was Jacob finally persuaded to send Benjamin? (42:37-43:10)


When they arrived in Egypt with Benjamin, how did Joseph receive them? Why were they so frightened and upset? (15-22) 

How did the steward reassure them? Describe their meeting with Joseph. (26-30)  Why was Joseph so moved?

Describe the banquet in Joseph's house?

What astonished his brothers? 

What serious problem did Joseph create for his brothers as they were leaving Egypt? (44:1-13) 

How did the brothers respond to the crisis? How have they changed? Look at Judah's plea (18-34).  What is the basis of his plea? What did he offer to do on Benjamin's behalf? How had he been changed? How did God use Joseph to bring his brothers to repentance? 

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