Step 9


John 1:1-18

Key Verse 1

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Intro: This passage introduces Jesus who is God. Through Jesus we can know God and become children of God.

What do verses 1-2 tell us about the Word? Who does "the Word" refer to (3, 14)? 

** The Word was in the beginning, he was with God, and he was God.

** A person. Later called Jesus Christ (when he became flesh). 

What does verse 3 tell us about Jesus? (3) Why is it important to know that Jesus is the Creator? (4, 5) 

** He is the Creator. Verse 3 says that, “through him all things were made”. (see also Psa 33:6, Heb 11:3, Col 3:16).

** Through knowing that all things were made through him, we can know where life comes from and what to do with our lives. This builds on John’s claims of Jesus as God who reveals God and makes us children of God. He is the purpose of men’s life because life came from him. Verse 5. There is no darkness in Jesus; he drives the darkness away. 

Who was sent from God? (6) What was he sent to do? (7-8) Why is Jesus called the true light? (9)

** A man named John. This is John the Baptist. 

** “To witness to testify to the light”. To testify to Jesus.

“That all men might believe through him” through his witnessing people would believe in Jesus. John was sent ahead of Jesus for this purpose.

** John came before Jesus. But he was just a man and not the true light. He only testified to Jesus. Jesus is the true light that gives light to every man.

What were the three responses to Jesus when he came to the world? (10-12) What does this show us about Jesus? How can we become children of God? (12-13)

** 1) verse 10: The world didn’t recognize him; 2) verse 11: His own did not receive him; 3) verse 12: some did receive him and believed in his name.

** Rather than retaliate against the world that did not receive him or recognize him, he served and blessed those who did receive him and believe in him. 

** We have to be born of God. And this comes through receiving and believing in Jesus. 

Ways NOT to become chilren of God:

“natural descent”, not because our parents were believers or we have believing ancestry

“human decision”, not by human wanting or decisions (ex., baptizing babies)

“husband’s will”, not by marriage affiliation

= each person has to be born of God, through faith in Jesus

Read verse 14. What does it mean that the Word became flesh? Why is it significant that he made his dwelling among us? What was revealed to the disciples when the Word made his dwelling among them? 

** Jesus was born as a baby to Mary. He took up flesh like ours and lived as a man.

** The Creator, the true light, came in the flesh and lived among his people. He revealed himself personally by being with them. It shows God’s purpose and desire for his people to live with him.

** God’s glory, full of grace and truth. God reveals his glory in and through Jesus. 

What did John testify about Jesus after Jesus came? (15) What does this testimony show about Jesus? What did we receive through Jesus? (16-17) How can we know God? 

** verse 15.

** This also speaks to Jesus being God. He came after John, but he was before John. John testified that Jesus is God. 

** “one blessing after another”. What kind of blessings? They came out of his grace and truth. Here his grace and truth is compared to the law that Moses gave. 

The law is law and shows us that we are sinners because no one could keep the law. We all fall short of God’s glory. And the wages of sin is death. This is why we have to be made into children of God through Jesus’ power. Because of sin we were made as enemies of God and disconnected from the fellowship and life with him. Jesus’ grace forgives and builds us up in truth. 

** Jesus makes him known. Therefore, we can know God through knowing Jesus. 

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